LearnSafe provides CIPA required Monitoring for School Computers during COVID-19


We all realize that schools could not have prepared for an outbreak such as COVID-19 and the shift to distance learning it has necessitated. We understand the degree of difficulty it is for schools to provide meals, alternate learning, technology and internet access.  And still,  district planning teams remain proactive and nimble in an effort to respond to the many daily changes of a new delivery model. To do our part, LearnSafe wants to be a resource and with the help of many LearnSafe financial supporters we are sponsoring our student safety/monitoring solution for UP TO 100 SCHOOL DISTRICTS between now and the end of May, AT NO COST TO YOUR DISTRICT.  We’ve made it easy for you to act, implement and begin to provide the essential safety that students need. This page provides more information to help you get started.  

What is LearnSafe’s safety/computer monitoring system?

LearnSafe is a screen monitoring solution designed for school-owned computers and trained to detect when students are putting themselves and others in harm’s way. Unlike a content filter, LearnSafe supervises and reports when inappropriate activity occurs from any online or offline application. School leaders are furnished with easy to understand behavior reports to more accurately intercede and address critical behavior issues in a timely manner.

For more about LearnSafe:  

Eligible Schools Districts must have the following in place: 

  1. You must continue to have a content filter in place.
  2. You must have some or all of the following computer types:
                   Chromebook, Mac, Windows  (note iPads do not qualify)
  3. Your technology team needs capability to deploy software remotely (99% do).
  4. Districts must not have LearnSafe in place currently. 

How do we install it quickly?

LearnSafe is installed via a software deployment platform such as G-Suite, Active Directory, Filewave, Jamf, etc…. Your Technology department knows this well. LearnSafe agents will be supplied for each school in your district package in .msi, .pkg or .jason format for rapid deployment. Typical installation time is less than 1 hour. 

Are there any incurred hardware costs? 

Assuming that you have school computers you have all you need. Secure hosting services and infrastructure is sponsored by LearnSafe. 

How do we apply for full sponsorship? 

Complete the form on this page and submit your information. We will respond within 24 hours with approval. If approved our team will collaborate with you and tailor an implementation plan that can be fully completed within 2-3 days. 

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