Let LearnSafe help you monitor for behavior concerns

Our Review Process

Our Digital Safety Representatives will: 

  • Provide a specified # of hours reviewing & reporting LearnSafe incident data weekly. 
  • Review new (unviewed) captures beginning with incidents having the highest severity rank down to a lower severity rating.  
  • Review all screen-captures typed by a District user and ranked accordingly.  
  • Review and classify the content of each capture as being an issue or non-issue incident. 
    • Non-issues are moved to a “Not a Problem” status and stored for 90 days.
    • Captures where there may be potential issues or concerns will be moved to the “Problem” or “Hold” status and permanently stored. 

Districts e-safety Analysts will be able to log in as a part of their LearnSafe review process routine and immediately review captures based on the current status.  These captures reflect potential issues or concerns that SlateXP has determined may require attention from the District’s e-Safety Analysts.


Incidents regarding an immediate threat to a student, staff member or school in general will be: 

  • Reported as soon as they are identified to the designated district, school level e-Safety Analyst, District Resource Officer or Counselor in-charge. 
  • This communication will be accomplished by email. Examples of immediate threats are self-harm, harm to others, guns, drug use, and child pornography.

Alerts of potential issues or concerns identified as not posing an immediate threat to the well-being of a student will be:

  • Emailed to the e-safety Analyst designated for that school and will contain a link to a PDF of one or more problem captures with instructions on how to access the image inside of the LearnSafe Console.
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