imSparked© SEL Program

LearnSafe can provide your students with imSparked©, the powerful SEL program for adolescents.

You can help your students develop essential social and emotional skills to cope with life’s daily challenges, with the imSparked© SEL Program.

imSparked gives middle & high school students a solid foundation in personal development through a path of introspection and self-discovery, resulting in greater resilience, focus, and interpersonal aptitude.

  • The short micro-units of imSparked’s curriculum are extremely effective, easy to facilitate, integrated with Google Classroom and Canvas, and aligned with CASEL guidelines.

  • Students improve their ability to regulate their emotions, understand their feelings, and cope with stress, leading to greater wellbeing, academic readiness and preparation for adulthood.

  • ImSparked has been named a “Top 10” K-12 Solution for EdTech by StartED, and is applauded by SEL experts such as Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence.

To explore bringing imSparked to your school or district, please consult with your LearnSafe representative.


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