When resources are tight and the need is great, let’s leverage tele-health to augment your team.

What’s The Problem?

LearnSafe platform assists school districts in proactively identifying students exhibiting behavioral issues or concerns. In many cases, screen captures begin to paint a picture of behavior that falls outside what may be considered the norm or simply dangerous. In those cases, more help may be needed.

Where’s The Fit?

To meet that need, LearnSafe has partnered to offer a range of diagnostic therapy services to the K12 environment. Among those services provided are professional mental health screenings and tele-mental therapy services. Our districts can augment their often limited internal resources that are struggling to keep up and leverage one of the fastest-growing segments of the tele-health movement.

What’s The Approach?

  • The LearnSafe platform helps monitor the anonymity of the school computer to identify those students in need of help.
  • When there are issues the system “flags” evidence-based screen captures that specifically indicate potential contemplation of violence, harm to self or othersor other identified high-risk behaviors or ideations. 
  • The concerning information will be immediately shared with our partners, designated on-call administrator, clinical behavioral health professionals, the associated building-level leader, and/or school counselor. 
  • A mental health screening will be conducted to involve a clinical review of the screen captures identified as demonstrating concern.
  • Once completed the building level leader and/or designated school counselor will consider a mental health professionals assessment, perceived risk level, and recommendations for which school or district leadership will then use as a tool in making a further determination for the best course of action.
  • If sufficient need exists, the student will be referred for individualized, one-on-one, student tele-therapy sessions. Our professionals are crisis certified and if the risk level is high our partners staff will utilize local crisis resources as recommendations to ensure safety can be maintained.
  • A plan detailing the number of sessions required and over what period will be established and agreed upon. In addition, a connection to community supports will be recommended.
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