As technology becomes more and more prominent in the classroom, it’s only natural — and beneficial — to embrace it. With so many apps specific to teachers, having smartphones in the classroom is now more of a blessing than a curse. Here are 5 apps for classroom management.


Additio records everything from scores, attendance and student performance. It also allows you to keep up with grades, plan lessons and apply rubrics as well. You can even download reports to share with students, parents and other teachers.

Groovy Grader

This app is useful as a great grade calculator. The iPhone version works for tests up to 150 questions while the iPad version can grade up to 300. You can choose between letting it display grades as whole numbers or with decimal places. And once you’re done, it lets you display results in a professional set of columns.


Edmodo operates like a social network for teachers and students. While using the app, you can do everything from creating groups to assigning homework to scheduling quizzes. You can even send students assignments over the app. Then, Edmodo will grade them automatically.


Showbie provides many classroom and management tools. You can keep up with students’ work and easily categorize their grades. Aside from leaving written feedback along with grades, you can also leave audio feedback. This can save you time and give your student more thorough feedback.


If you have a load of multiple choice tests to take care of, ZipGrade will do the work for you. Scan the tests with your phone and the app will grade them instantly. It also offers free answer sheets and organizes grading results in Excel and PDF-friendly formats.

Whether you’re looking for apps to save time or provide efficiency, these 5 will do the trick!

Text by Nick Adrian


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