As the school year begins, a teacher’s main focus is maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with their students. While this is vital, it’s also important to establish and maintain the same kind of relationship with parents.

Be Open to Feedback

Start the school year by letting parents know that you are open to feedback. You can also send home a survey for parents that discusses the likes and dislikes of their student as well as the best method of communication for parents. This shows that you value what parents think. Also, you’ll make the initial move in opening communication. Throughout the year, you can send home various surveys as a means of checking up on what parents believe is or isn’t working for their student.

Send Out a Newsletter

Sending out a regularly scheduled newsletter is a great way to maintain communication with parents. No matter the frequency, parents will enjoy the fact that you’re making an effort to keep them in the loop. Stumped on what to include in the newsletter? Discuss topics currently being studied in class. Include important dates for class events or even important assignment dates.

Communicate Often

Aside from the newsletter, continue to maintain communication with parents throughout the school year. Rather than contacting parents only when their student is struggling or having problems, you should contact parents when their child succeeds and excels as well. Parents will be turned away and disheartened if you only communicate with them when something goes wrong.

Send Home Progress Reports

Keep parents in the loop about their child’s progress by sending home progress reports. Parents want to know how their student is doing in class because students usually don’t go out of their way to discuss their grades with parents. Sending home progress reports will show parents that you value the success of your students.

Make Yourself Available

Most importantly, make yourself available to not only your students but to parents as well. Let parents know from the start of the school year that you’re available to answer any questions or concerns. Let parents know that you accept any feedback they may have and that you’re open to emails, calls or even conferences.

Starting the school year strong with your students is important to setting the tone for the year, but it’s also important to establish a strong relationship with parents. Whatever method you decide to establish this relationship, keep it strong and consistent so parents consider you a reliable educator.

By Jonathan Mendoza


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