“COVID-19 and the Unintended Consequences of Distance Learning,” a webinar sponsored by Mickes O’Toole Attorneys at Law, in conjunction with Slate XP, the makers of LearnSafe, will take place on Tuesday, July 21rst, at 10:00 am CST via Zoom. This online seminar will focus on the issues that need to be considered with respect to student safety and school liability during distance learning. It will be will be highly beneficial for superintendents, principals, technology directors, school board members, and school board attorneys. You can register in advance here.

Thomas A. Mickes, a leading education law attorney representing more than 200 school districts, private schools, and institutions of higher learning, will draw from his experience as a former teacher, principal, superintendent and school board member and an education law attorney to discuss the liability issues created by distance learning, such as:

  1. Where does a school’s liability start and end?
  2. How can a school control liability, and why that is important?
  3. How does a school maximize its CARES Act allocation?

Questions? Contact us at info@learnsafe.com. We hope you can join us on Tuesday.


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