Internet challenges are a common trend for teens searching to gain internet fame. From eating detergent pods to snorting cinnamon, there’s always something new. Among these challenges is the “condom-snorting challenge.” Here’s what you should know about the snorting challenge.

What are its Origins?

This dangerous challenge actually went viral in 2013 and died down soon after. In 2015, a challenge known as the “condom challenge” appeared, but it consisted of filling a condom with water and proceeding to drop the water-filled condom on someone’s head. The snorting condom challenge again gained fame in early 2018 when a San Antonio school held workshops on various viral challenges popular among teens. Though it did make headlines, the challenge did not stand a chance during the life of the “Tide Pod challenge.”

What is this Challenge?

The challenge consists of taking an unwrapped condom and snorting or pushing it up one nostril. Participants then pull the condom from the throat out of the mouth. This challenge hit headlines during the peak of the “Tide Pod challenge” that was popular amongst teens in Spring 2018.

What are the Dangers?

Snorting challenges using any object always have many dangers. The nose contains a sensitive inner lining that could be damaged when stuffing objects in the nose. One danger of sticking a condom in the nose is that it can get stuck, resulting in a choking hazard. Because the condom is made of rubber, it also contains chemicals that can potentially cause allergic reactions or even infections.

Although this challenge didn’t stick around, teenagers always find new ways to gain fame on the internet. It’s important to be aware of these challenges and to discuss how their dangers overshadow the possibility of rising to fame.


Text by Jonathan Mendoza


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