Google’s Chromebooks have far surpassed the number of PCs and tablets in U.S. schools. Their low cost and ease of use are the two main reasons schools have turned to Chromebooks. In fact, in 2018, 60% of the computers bought for American K-12 schools were Chromebooks. To have true value, Chromebooks are dependent on an internet connection. All student work is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. While Google provides school IT administrators with some tools to address the safety of students using the device, it is important to consider screen-monitoring software like LearnSafe. Installing LearnSafe on Chromebooks ensures student safety in any and all learning environments.

Students Use Google Docs to Communicate

For example, students can use Google Docs to collaborate on a project assigned to a team at school. They can also chat with their friends in the Doc via the document itself or through Google Chat. There, students express themselves freely and fully, in ways both good and bad. In fact, LearnSafe’s Chrome Extension has picked up on students expressing desperation and threatening to harm themselves and others.

Students May Come Across Inappropriate Material

In one instance, students were being exposed to nude pictures and videos via the internet. This involved a Facebook page that spread underage pornography. Students from a district using LearnSafe saw this daily until the LearnSafe team notified the school and Facebook. Law enforcement got involved and Facebook shut the page down. This also gave school leaders and parents a powerful tool: knowledge. With this knowledge, they could then talk to the students about what they saw and try to minimize any long-term harm.

LearnSafe Protects Students from Harm

Screen-monitoring software can even save lives. In one case, the LearnSafe monitoring staff noticed a middle school student discussing feelings of sadness and depression. The student also made statements about their intentions of self-harm. After being notified by LearnSafe staff, the school safety team took immediate action to intervene and help the student. In this way, LearnSafe helps schools protect their most vulnerable students, even if they’re learning at home.

With COVID-19 turning the world on end, school leaders are doing everything they can to minimize the impact on our children.  The LearnSafe team wants to give administrators, parents and students the safest and best experience possible as we work through this crisis together.


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