From nationwide threats of on-campus violence to tragic school shootings, school safety is a primary concern for parents, administrators, and educators. However, the need for school safety doesn’t stop at the campus or classroom. Online safety is essential to a safe learning environment. As students increasingly rely on technology for learning and communication, it’s crucial to create a secure online environment. According to a recent study, only one in ten teachers feel confident about their students’ safety and security online. Schools should implement robust policies and practices that include educating students about the potential risks of the internet, promoting responsible online behavior, and providing guidance on recognizing and responding to online threats. By combining education, technology, and supervision, administrators can ensure online safety on school computers, empowering students to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.

Online Safety on School Computers: How Technology Can Help

In an article for Open Access Government, Mat Pullen discusses the importance and impact of technology on online safety for students. Particularly, Pullen focuses on laws that “take action to create legal responsibility for online platforms to address harmful content.” Pullen emphasizes that while technology is essential for modern education, students may not be fully aware of the risks present online, despite their tech-savviness. Therefore, Pullen highlights the need for more education and awareness around online safety. He also stresses the important role parents, teachers, and guardians play in protecting children online. Pullen sees laws like the UK’s proposed Online Safety Bill as positive steps but not complete solutions. Rather, effective implementation is crucial. Administrators must combine technology, such as content filters, parental control apps, and screen-monitoring software, with education to guarantee online safety. Additionally, teachers and parents must have the necessary resources and knowledge to understand and use technology effectively in education, ensuring a cohesive and consistent learning experience for students.

LearnSafe Ensures Student Safety on School Computers

Pullen mentions the importance of technology, including content filters. However, content filters are often easily bypassed. Screen monitoring software works along with content filters to fully secure school computers. Additionally, screen monitoring software, such as LearnSafe, is a tool that teaches digital safety and awareness. When LearnSafe is installed on school computers, students will be more cautious about their online behavior. Therefore, LearnSafe teaches students to carefully consider how they act and interact with others online. Moreover, LearnSafe offers protection in case of mistakes by protecting students from harm. In tandem with content filters, LearnSafe prevents students from accessing age-inappropriate content. Also, LearnSafe detects at-risk behavior and threats of violence on school computers – both online and offline. LearnSafe plays an essential part in creating and maintaining a safe learning environment in the digital and physical classroom.


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