Recently, LearnSafe’s software made a capture on a school computer that helped their client detect problematic behavior. Moreover, when provided to law enforcement, the information from the capture helped them to solve a series of crimes in the area. LearnSafe was primarily designed to focus on the early detection and prevention of harmful behavior. However, LearnSafe also helps law enforcement officials to solve crimes, showing the necessity of a true monitoring solution in schools

How LearnSafe Helps Law Enforcement

According to Lee Ross, CEO of LearnSafe, “We are pleased to have rendered assistance to our law enforcement professionals that aided in the identification and prosecution of criminal behavior. Any crime is regrettable, and we are pleased that our software aided in law enforcement action.” LearnSafe’s screen monitoring software provided screenshots of captures. In this case, the captures contained a connection to criminal acts in the area. In this way, LearnSafe’s captures not only helped to solve the crime but served as evidence of criminal behavior. “A system which merely filters students away from inappropriate content,” Ross explains, “would not have collected the evidence necessary to solve a crime.”

[Note: For the protection of those involved, additional information is not available at this time.]


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